Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Damndest Dream

It was that dream that marked me.  I still recall it - a "dream within a dream" event where I was aware on all levels, that is, I knew that I was dreaming and that I allowed myself, in that dream, to enter into another dream.  The events witnessed in the dream got their attention.  That's what Rosalyn was looking for, among other things.  Sure messed up my love life, but what an adventure.

From The Krismere:

“The sky was absolutely black and the stars were crystal points.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  I was standing there, on the beach, when I noticed a brighter star on my right moving steadily across the sky.  It stopped, then moved in the oppsite direction.  Then the other stars began to swirl and collect into curious shapes – much like watching new year’s eve fireworks, only silent.  Next I noticed hazy forms dancing in the sky – very wispy things, like jellyfish craft, with soft lights.
     “There were two others with me, I think you, and I’m not sure of the other person, but all of us saw it.  Then from behind me floated a huge, hard edged, craft.  It was dark, that is, not translucent like the jellyfish things.  It was the damndest display I’d ever seen.”
     Harry Wilson closed the curtains to the hotel window.  He turned and smiled at the woman propped on several pillows on the bed.  “Then I woke up.”
     “And went to the bathroom,” added Rosalyn.  “The light woke me up.  But you went back to sleep.  I didn’t.”  Harry sat beside her, glancing at the clock on the night stand – 7:00 am.
     “Nearly four hours ago.  Doesn’t seem that long.  I wish I could remember more.  Damndest dream.”

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