Friday, January 22, 2010

The Food

Regarding their diet and manner of eating, I really can't say much.  The only experience I had was after Arund-Du sent Rhea (with me tagging along) in search of the creature Ency.  Before departing we stopped off at what I'd describe as an open-air food court or market/fair type area.  Rhea went to a stand (best word I have for it) operated by a man and women who appeared mature - age wise, that is.  They were wearing the casual tunic/robe as most Temple people which resembled what we believe was everyday dress in Ancient Greece (then again, maybe Greece was hanging on to a more ancient style of clothing?)  and were grilling a grain concoction - think heavy dough, thick brown "stuff" that upon eating reminded me of a pancake/beignet item.  Quite tasty.  Added to the paper-like plate were sliced vegetables and a melon type fruit.

I was curious about compensation systems, that is, how would I pay for my food?  I have money in my pocket but of course that'd be useless.  As best I could tell, there is no monetary exchange system as we'd know it.  Rhea sent me some concepts something like people simply do what they most enjoy.  If that's preparing food, then that's what they do.  Their needs and desires would be met by others providing that service or product - because they wished to do so.  I can't describe it more than that since I had very little time to observe the aspects.