Sunday, December 11, 2011

It Began With a Call for Help...from the novel:

The following is from Part Two of "The Krismere" where the Prefect of a great Temple of Learning issues a call for help, knowing geologic cataclysm was imminent, 54,000 years ago.
          Arund-Du closed the solid oak door behind him.  He held a lamp, providing a modest light in the darkness inside the mountain, as he walked steadily through a narrow tunnel created long ago.  His walk ended at a short and narrow door.  Despite decades of being closed, the door opened easily.  Arund-Du stepped through and closed it – another seal, another barrier.  He saw evidence of the ancient machine.
            Arund-Du placed the lamp on the table and sat on the insulating wicker chair.  He looked at the rectangular void  hovering over the table.  Arund-Du didn’t know how it worked, only that it worked.  He was one of a few trained in its use.  Krismere was slated for that training in the future.
            But at this moment Arund-Du was the only one who could access the ancient machine.  He sat, still, and after a moment could hear inside his head the welcoming tones of communication.  His training allowed him to identify and separate the tones and mentally place them in position in the void.  That achieved, he saw the red spot that indicated communication was proceeding.
            Arund-Du summarized the three hazards in conjunction – the shifting continental plate, the looming volcano, and the asteroid.  This rare combination was projected to cause considerable physical damage to much of the planet and destroy the Temple altogether.  There was silence.  Did his message get through?  Was he understood?  He didn’t know who was on the other end, as it were, only that for eons someone was.
            The Prefect paused.  He knew a terrible event was coming.  What did he want?  Help preserving records?  Moving people to safety?  Arund-Du considered what he desired the most – unfettered knowledge for every person.  The ancient ones called such illumination The Krismere, meaning an awakening, personal insight, and conscious access to the eternal records.  It was fitting, he thought, to bestow that name on his protégé, the young man known as Krismere.  Arund-Du made a specific request:  “Kindly assist The Krismere.”
            The red spot winked out, the tones faded, and the communication ended.  Arund-Du was pleased.  They understood and would assist The Krismere.  Satisfied with that, Arund-Du now set to his next task – saving lives.