Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It wasn't a dream

I’m not sure how to describe the experience, but it was not what we would experience as a dream. Several times I literally patted and pinched myself to prove that physically I was aware. You can’t have a physical sensation like that in a dream – you’ve got to have a physical body and sensory systems.

The visual imagery was “normal” that is, fully three dimensional – objects with mass. Now it was intriguing that a lot of the inter-personal communication was non-verbal but thoughtful. I spoke, made sounds, and I heard sounds, but at the same time it was possible for me to know blocks of thought from others.

The experience was recognizable yet distinctly different. I wondered, for a while, if perhaps I had been drugged as a part of the experiment and the experience a hallucination or mental construct. I don’t know of a hallucination (whatever that truly is) or mental creation that includes bumping into things.

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